martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

Glacier National Park Hiking

Snow capped mountains and panoramic views create a picturesque beauty at the Glacier National Park. Find out why you'd want to go hiking to these glaciers.

Glacier National Park is located in Montana, US, along the Canadian border. The national park has two mountain ranges and they stretch over the Canadian Rockies. The breathtaking beauty of this national park is a scenic splendor. It is an abode to 1,100 different vascular plants species and another hundred different animals. There are over 130 lakes spread over this pristine ecosystem. Relive the history of these mountains from the last ice age and discover their yet unexplored secrets. The divine glaciers have 700 miles of hiking, which is the best way of exploring the park. 

Avalanche Lake Trail.
The most popular of the trials, Hidden Lake Trail, is a flat walk leading to fabulous natural beauty. The 1.5 mile trail is known for its fishing pleasures. But patience is a virtue when it comes to fishing at this lake for the Yellowstone cutthroat trout. For those interested in exploring the nature, a short two mile walk down the lake shore is surely stunning. 
Logging Lake Trail.
Solitude is bliss and all those searching for bliss, must take this hiking trail. The logging trail takes you through uncharted forests, with open canopies in a few burnt areas. It is a moderately steep climb but flattens out as you get closer to the 'Logging Creek Fire' scar area.
Iceberg Lake Trail.
This is the best designed hiking trail and gains a vertical heigh of 1200 feet as you reach the top.At the end of the hike lies the iceberg lake. Wildlife viewing is simply incredible here. The scenic heights provide the finest wildlife, with grizzly bears in abundance. Bighorn sheep, mountain grouse, ground squirrels, etc. are also found on this trail.

martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

Romantic Honeymoon in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Cape Cod is the perfect destination to enjoy the serene sights on your honeymoon. This 70-mile peninsula is home to around 115 sandy beaches with unspoiled coastline. You can ride bicycles on the beach, go on whale watching and visit the John F. Kennedy memorial.
Trust me, with Cape Cod, you cannot go wrong.

martes, 21 de enero de 2014


Located between two worlds, the best of each. And capital of all of them. This is and has been Istanbul, used to change the course of history city. Heiress weight of the Roman Empire, after the schism of the West, Constantinople was the pride and joy of Christianity until its fall in 1453. Far from declining, the myth continued to grow with the Ottoman Empire, the 'Sublime Porte' which Suleiman the Magnificent took Baghdad to Hungary, with the Mediterranean at its feet.

Istanbul is not only atraccted by its cultural heritage, also by the muslim culture. Also you can  visit the exotic aromas deployment Spice Bazaar .And how could it be otherwise abandoned to relax in a traditional Turkish bath.

Stinson Beach, California.

Obviously not in the league of the Gulf coast beaches, the Pacific coast does have a few shelling spots. Stinson Beach, located a few miles north of San Francisco, happens to be one of them. Limpet shells and sand dollars are commonly found here, as are starfish and sea anemones. Bolinas Lagoon, situated at the northern end of Stinson Beach is also a good spot for shelling.