martes, 21 de enero de 2014


Located between two worlds, the best of each. And capital of all of them. This is and has been Istanbul, used to change the course of history city. Heiress weight of the Roman Empire, after the schism of the West, Constantinople was the pride and joy of Christianity until its fall in 1453. Far from declining, the myth continued to grow with the Ottoman Empire, the 'Sublime Porte' which Suleiman the Magnificent took Baghdad to Hungary, with the Mediterranean at its feet.

Istanbul is not only atraccted by its cultural heritage, also by the muslim culture. Also you can  visit the exotic aromas deployment Spice Bazaar .And how could it be otherwise abandoned to relax in a traditional Turkish bath.

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  1. I hope to go one day. Great city, and great culture. Maybe a very short article, but still really good.